Nieuws Statement on DNA Testing

Statement on DNA Testing

The Association the Dutch Schapendoes is frequently asked about several available DNA tests at different laboratories. Genetic tests for pets, more and more are launched every day. Hundreds of thousands of pets are tested by their owners, out of love and concern for their pet.

However, many of these tests are not breed specific, and are offered for use in all breeds. Many of these tests are based on small studies with limited numeric proof, the correctness is often not validated. There is also no validation that the tests are guaranteed and applicable for all dogbreeds.

Many vets have limited knowlegde about these tests and cannot inform concerned owners on correct use. That is logical, a vet is not a genetic expert. But it is therefore of great concern that these tests are so popular in use.

The board and the breeding committee of the VNS agree with the statement of the Scientific Committee of the Nordic Kennel Union (NKU/VK). They issued clear information on DNA testing and we would like to publish their statement here.