Nieuws Anniversary weekend details

Anniversary weekend details

Jubilee weekend 19, 20 and 21 August

As announced a long time ago: we will celebrate our 75th anniversary during a nice weekend at KC Pampus in Almere: Weteringweg 2, 1358 AK Almere.

It will be a big Schapendoezenfestival with hopefully a lot of visitors from home and abroad. You are welcome with your Schapendoes during all days and events. What is going to happen? The program is still subject to change but these are our preliminary plans:

We will open the weekend on Friday afternoon, August 19 at 17.00h with a reception and drinks. Several guests are invited to come and raise their glasses to the anniversary of our Association. During the reception we will present the Dutch translation of Hartmut Mohr’s book ’the Dutch Schapendoes’. Everyone who has subscribed to the presale can pick up a signed copy during the weekend. Of course the book will also be for sale during the weekend. The definitive sales price will be announced shortly.

Saturday, August 20, from 9.00 am the Young Dog Day will start for litter judgments of dogs born between 30-11-2020 and 30-11-2021. Godelieve de Wit-Bazelmans and Hartmut Mohr are the judges this day. They will also be listing dogs for breeding. The JHD will last until approximately 14.00h.

Meanwhile, at 10.00h the fair will start. We have found several exhibitors willing to form a nice dog market with their stuff: of course the VNS store, DDD-Stickers from Dorien and Dirk Heermeyer, JollyDoez from Liseth Tunderman, Personal Logo from Marina and Jurjen Baan, Petbuffet from Lonneke Poel, Stichting Schapendoes 1947 will be present for all your dog/dog matters. We are trying hard to set up a VNS information stand or mini exhibition with a retrospective on 75 years of VNS.

There will also be several workshops in which you can participate for free: e.g. Dogfrisbee by Dazzling Disc Dogs/Dorien Heermeyer, Doezenrennen by Marjo Janssen, Brushing/Combing workshop by Lysette Leer, Hoopers/Agility by Annemarie Bos and who knows what more.

At 14.30h the (free) seminars/lectures will start. For breeders and interested people Marjoleine Roosendaal will tell about DNA testing (its use and nonsense) and color inheritance in the Schapendoes. She will also give this lecture once in English for our foreign guests. For them Jack Windig will also come to give his presentation on the state of our breed and Mean Kinship in English. For ‘ordinary’ Schapendoes fans we have invited Huug Meijvogel of Kynototaal, who will give a lecture about dog massage and relaxation in dogs, think for example of offering support to relax during a thunderstorm or fear of fireworks. Of course, everyone is free to join where their interest lies, we have tried to offer for each group of members something interesting.

In the evening we will celebrate our birthday with musical entertainment. At 19.00h the BBQ will start (contribution 25 euro p.p. excluding drinks, registration will follow soon). We hope for a pleasant, balmy summer evening with lots of fun with all our Schapendoes friends.

Sunday 21 August starts at 9.30h with a lecture for Schapendoes-judges, given by Godelieve de Wit-Bazelmans. At 10.00h the Jubilee-KCM will start, where Erica Bakker van de Woestijne will judge the bitches and Jettie Alberts the male dogs. Throughout the day there is again a fair with the previously mentioned stands. Today’s workshops are Dogfrisbee by Dazzling Disc Dogs/Dorien Heermeyer, Doezenrennen by Marjo Janssen, Brushing/Combing workshop with Lysette Leer, Agility and Balance & Coordination by Tineke Aanstoot and Monique Jongejan of Tusveld dog school.

Do you have more tips, wishes or ideas? Let us know and we will see what we can organize!

Of course we hope for a big turnout with many participants from home and abroad. Registrations have been open for some time now, see the website. On the website there is also a list of accommodations around Almere, so you can enjoy the whole weekend of a great Schapendoesspektakel. Don’t wait too long to book, there is quite a lot of traffic around Almere in connection with the Floriade.

Come celebrate with us and toast the next 75 years!

For further elaboration and details of the final program, keep an eye on the website. Do you still have interesting old stuff from the VNS past? Don’t throw anything away but drop us a line.